A New School Year

Summer is coming to an end. After the last trip is over and the suitcases are packed away… the rush and chaos begins. I’m talking about the homework that is about to pile up, the sport schedules that will rule the roost, and all those late nights helping out. If this makes you anxious just thinking about it, relax, take a breath, and focus on what you can prepare for.

Whether it’s elementary, high school, or college, certain events take place leading up to the big first day.

Halfway through the summer, nerves and excitement begin to build for those about to head into classrooms. Prepare for scheduled teacher meet and greets, open houses, orientations, and making sure all classes are as planned. Be on the lookout for these dates and mark them on the calendar to stay organized. Attending these events makes the transition a little smoother on that first day.

During the summer, sleep schedules usually go out the window, so it’s a good idea to start an earlier bedtime routine about two weeks before the big day. Take care of all doctor and dental appointments half way through the summer, if you can, to avoid the last-minute rush.

Shopping for school clothes and supplies can be the most fun part of preparing for back to school but check the schools required list of items. Online teacher portals are pretty standard which allow for clear communication and daily updates for the parent or student. Be sure to get this information at the meet and greet. Whatever is left is what you’re going to get, if you wait till the day before to get your supplies. Bring your list, stock up, and buy a few extras just in case one is lost.

When shopping for clothes, it’s important to have an idea of what, where, how many, and a budget to help you stay on task. Keep an eye out for sales and coupons at your targeted stores. Listen up for the tax-free day as there will be no taxes added to your final purchase during these 1-2 day events. This event is usually about two weeks before school starts and it can save you a lot of money. Don’t forget fall is around the corner so remember to have a few warmer items on hand as well.

A high schooler usually has a pretty full social/sport schedule, so setting curfews ahead of time can keep them on task, for a little bit anyway. 😊 Seniors usually have a packed schedule including everything they have been building on during their high school career as well as senior pictures, applying for colleges, awards ceremonies, graduation parties, etc. Be sure to mark these on the calendar so nothing comes as a surprise.

Try staying involved with your children’s academic and social life through the years. Volunteering at the school and different events will help keep you involved and informed on how things are being run at the school. Working full-time may put a damper on your involvement; however, there are activities, fundraisers, and other events that take place on the weekends as well.

The night before the first day, have dinner and showering done early, all school supplies in the book bags, lunches made, clothes set out, and in bed early. Set alarms earlier than you to leave plenty of time to get ready, eat breakfast, and relax a little before heading out. Rushing around, looking for things, and eating on the run makes for a bad start to any day, especially the first day of the year.


Shannon Cole

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