Dental Workforce Solutions


Are call outs costing you clients? We have experienced, reliable temporary staff to fill the gap.

  • Experienced staff on demand
  • Seamless integration into your practice
  • No 1099 or employment responsibilities


As a successful practitioner, keeping your clients happy is critical to your business. In addition to high quality care, patients want great customer service, and they want their appointment to occur on time and as scheduled. At the same time, staff call-outs, leaves of absences and Covid-19 concerns make it more difficult than ever to staff your business. With appointments scheduled back-to-back, you could lose an entire day’s revenue if a dental assistant or hygienist calls out sick. You simply cannot afford last minute cancellations. To be successful, you need access to available, qualified candidates on demand.

DTSS is the leading provider of staffing solutions to the dental industry. With over 100 years of combined experience in dentistry and human resources, we know how to find qualified dental staff on demand. We conduct extensive screening and vetting to provide you with experienced, high quality temporary staff who will fit seamlessly into your workflow.

In addition to ensuring your client’s needs will be met, we take the hassle out of temporary placements. Unlike referral services, when we send you talent, we are the employer of record. We are responsible for payroll, workers comp, SUTA, FUTA, FICA, unemployment, and all other burdens.

Through our proprietary software, you can place an order and have a temporary employee assigned in five minutes or less. It’s just that simple.

Full Time

Can’t find talent? Don’t waste weeks, or months trying to find staff. We are experts in recruitment and will find you high quality full time staff.

  • Direct hire
  • Temp-to-perm
  • We source, screen and verify


These days, finding talent to support your practice is harder than ever. Labor shortages, a shrinking workforce and competition make filling open positions more difficult. On average it takes more than two months to hire a dental hygienist, and more than four months to find an office manager. Staffing shortages are seriously disruptive events that have no small effect on your revenue and your ability to deliver quality, timely care to patients.

And even when you find someone, there is no guarantee it is a good fit. What seems like a good candidate in an interview could be a disaster on the job. The cost of turnover is estimated to be 6 months of an employee’s salary. Imagine, replacing a $50,000 a year hygienist will cost you $25,000.

You are in expert in dentistry. We are experts in staffing. With over 150 years of dental and human resources experience, we have the skills, tools, and experience to get you the right candidate right now.

Direct Placement

Through our direct placement offering, we are your outsourced recruiter. We work closely with you to understand your staffing need, develop the job description, post, screen and recommend candidates to you. And we back our placements with a guarantee.


With our “try-before you buy” solution, we will find a candidate that fits your needs and send them to you on a temporary basis. If the fit is good, you can hire them for an agreed upon fee. If not, we will find you a replacement for you at no charge.

You do dentistry. We do talent. Let us drive your success.


HR, payroll and benefit headaches? With our Workforce Management Solutions, we take employment burdens off of your plate.

  • Manage payroll and benefits
  • HR consulting
  • Employment taxes, unemployment and compliance

Workforce Management Solution (WMS)

Running a successful dental practice takes hard work, and a lot of juggling. Ensuring you have the right talent at the right time is critical to your success. These days however, managing employees is ever more complex and dealing with payroll, unemployment claims and benefits administration can take your eye off the ball. With fierce competition, you can’t waste time on paperwork and HR issues when you can be finding more clients, growing your skills and driving revenue.   

DTSS is the premier provider of Staffing Solutions to the dental industry. With over 50 years of dental and staffing experience, we offer an array of solutions to meet your human capital needs. Through our Workforce Management Solutions (WMS) option, we become your silent partner, allowing you to outsource your human resource functions, share employment  liability, and, oftentimes, gain economies of scale to bring an improved benefits package to your employees. 

We provide a suite of integrated services and a tailored HR solution to effectively manage your critical human resource responsibilities and employer risks. We deliver these services by establishing and maintaining an employer relationship with your employees and by contractually assuming your responsibilities and risk. 

With DTSS, you can focus on your clients and leave the staffing to us.