Rain, Rain

I imagine most people remember singing the song ‘Rain rain, go away, come again another day’. If you think about it, we may even find ourselves muttering that same verse today as well. Every day is different though and I’m sure we all like it to rain at some point; just not on the days we want to play outside, right?

Rain can be described as so many different backdrops or moods. Rain can be a lifesaver or the demise of so much. Rain can bring droughts or floods. Rain is beautiful and yet can be so scary and powerful.

I remember as a little girl playing in the south Florida rain showers. I’d splash in the puddles, go romping in the ditches, and as a young teen, playing out a scene in ‘GREASE’ in the rain, singing ‘hopelessly devoted to you’. I also remember when it rained so much, it flooded out our small town in Illinois and Founder’s Day was canceled that year.

There are times when the fires rage heedlessly through towns and forests leaving nothing but devastation. We pray and hope to find an end through the wet downpours while others in different places pray and hope for the sun to shine and the floods to subside. It may be a balance that is off kilter or it may be a cleansing of so many other things we don’t understand, or even think about.

What is rain, you say? It is a cycle of water. It is created by the evaporation from the ground that travels upward and condenses in a cloud. The more water that condenses, the heavier the cloud, and when it gets too heavy, it will burst open and release all of the condensation to the ground. You could imagine it like you were filling up a balloon(cloud) while holding it at the top. Eventually it gets heavy enough that the water (rain) bursts forth.

How does it help us? Well besides water being a critical part of life, rain provides moisture for a farmer’s crop, for the the forests that provide us with oxygen, and all of the other animals on this planet. Rain filters the dust out of the air. Rain shapes the earth.

There is nothing like that sweet crisp smell of a new fallen rain. Have you ever wondered why that smell occurs? That awesome smell is produced by a mixture of plant oils, bacteria, and the ozone.

Rain is very important to us and to the land we live in; not only for survival but also for the beauty it brings.

I will have to say, moving to the Pacific Northwest was very difficult for me to get used to the almost continuous drizzle. Without this rain though, Washington State would not be as beautiful and green as it is and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. So on that note I will grab a blanket, curl up on the couch, and sit and listen to the rain sing.


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