Corporate Headquarters

3204 Smokey Pt. Dr., Suite 206
Arlington, WA 98223



Area Representatives

Western Washington (Bellingham/Burlington/Mt. Vernon)

Shannon Cole – ext. 1001

Southeast Florida (West Palm/Miami)

Shannon Horton – ext. 1002

Southwest Florida (Tampa/Orlando)

Jessica Dennis

Northern Florida (Tallahassee/Jacksonville)

Laura Waybright (ext. 1004) and Leslie Gilchrist (ext. 1005)

Northeast Ohio 

Rob Demsker – ext. 1010


Advantage of Temporary Employees

With the ever changing schedule in the dental practice, staff flexibility is key. Using temporary staff gives an office the convenience to add and subtract staff on a need to need basis, which saves money in the long run (no paying staff to sit around or trying to look busy). In the dental practice, there are many times when an extra person is needed to cover the staff that’s out sick, on maternity leave, on vacation, or at busier times, or when an employee resigns without notice.

Temporary help can potentially reduce an office’s staff expenses a great deal. The practice eliminates payroll, taxes, benefits, stresses, and time that goes along with that. DTSS provides the weekly payroll, direct deposit service. Don’t worry, our hard working temporary candidates will never feel unappreciated.

A working interview with one of our temporary candidates is a great way to find that perfect individual/fit for the dental practice wanting a permanent staff member. Using a temp staff for one or two days does not really allow enough time to find out who the individual really is. After several weeks of each individual, one may figure out who fits best for that permanent position. If a temporary staff knows the office is looking for a permanent placement, he or she will most likely perform their best and will show their true capabilities for interest in the position.

Temporary help has payroll flexibility because you bring in the extra staff only when needed! Whereas you may feel more comfortable with a permanent hire, which is a commitment, but the same individual is at the office every day. Whatever the office chooses, call Dental Temps Staffing Solutions so we can give you what you need.