Why You Should Ditch Your Family and Apply to Jobs this Holiday Season

I don’t really mean this, but I kind of do . . . and here’s why:

First, let’s talk about all the networking opportunities. They’re literally everywhere and all the time during the holidays and not just regular business gatherings and meetings- there are plenty of parties! Even if these are just with family and friends, you never know who will show up. Use this time to find the people who work in your area of interest (or know the people who work there) and make new friends. It’s a good idea to have some business cards ready as well as your LinkedIn profile updated. 

About that LinkedIn… you will have plenty of time to dust it off and make it look great! There’s all sorts of time off available, you just have to use it wisely. So update those resumes and make sure your profile picture is looking good!

You know what helps with looking good? Exercise and some new clothes! During all this free time, you could be shopping at all the sales for a new interview outfit or to start the next part of your life in style and since there is no excuse not to hit the gym after all that ham!

Here’s another thing: there is significantly less competition right now for a new job. Don’t believe anything that says no one hires until the new year; if you don’t try, you’ll never know! And if you wait, there will be more people going for the spot you want. Plus, your hard work will be very apparent when the only call to the hiring manager is you.

And finally, since it is during the holidays and they want their time too, you may be able to negotiate start dates until the new year. This will give you a little extra time to hang out with your family!


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