Just Graduated? Ready to get to it?! 

Most new graduates come out in May or June and are hungry to sink their teeth into some of the work they have been studying for years! Graduates want to do meaningful work in a supportive work environment. They want to be well-compensated for the great jobs they are doing. 

Here are some quick tips on how to get a position you like and keep it! 

Uncertain which offices you should apply to?  You can check out some tips here!

Be organized and reliable! 

These usually go hand-in-hand but always be on time, be prepared, and be responsible!  

  • Be 10-15 minutes early for your shift in case of traffic  
  • Pack your lunch and some snacks so you have lots of energy for the day 
  • If you have trouble arriving on time, make sure everything is ready the night before for  you to jump up, grab it, and go! 

Be a team player! 

Not everything in the office is your responsibility but seeing where you can help out endears you to the staff and gives you the opportunity to develop new skills! Sometimes, just knowing how to stay positive is all it takes to turn someone else’s day around.

For example, if you often have patients that don’t show, you could make reminder calls the day before to help make sure your day doesn’t fall apart. Learning how to professionally remind people to come to their appointments is a great skill set to develop! 

Try, try, try again! 

I recommend you try out a bunch of different offices to get as much experience in as many different environments as possible! This will give you a much broader experience of what you do or do not like about the – 

  • operatories 
  •  doctors 
  • coworkers 
  •  kinds of patients 

and many more things you hadn’t even considered! 

 If you are interested, we have a much larger list! Simply sign up here today – https://brisk.workxpress.com/CandidateRegistration/dtss and we will make sure you get one! 

 Hopefully this helps you get a jump start on your new career, or new career move, and if you have any questions, let me know! 


Dental Temps Staffing Solutions is a new and innovative company that is redefining how dental staffing services and dental staffing agencies are designed and offered to the dental community. Today’s business environment requires companies have more than just a website and a central location for conducting face-to-face interviews. We provide an elegant dental staffing agency solution to your dental temping and dental permanent staffing needs. 

Dental Temp Staffing Solutions frees dentist’s time and saves money by providing temporary staffing, payroll, and credit card processing at a fraction of the cost. Through our easy to use system, we give dental hygienist jobs, dental assistant jobs, floaters, front desk staff, dental lab technicians, and dentists rapid access to what jobs are available around them without any of the hassle. 

Dental Temps Staffing Solutions is breaking the mold of today’s dental staffing environment, developing multiple value added services, to manage, streamline, and lean out costly labor intensive processes. Over time, Dental Temps Staffing Solutions is a one-stop shop; offering a Whole Office Management Solution. This will be ideal for the dentist who desires to remain independent of the corporate model while gaining the advantage of a large organization through affiliation. Additionally, this will be a great resource for those looking to gain the next competitive advantage by sharing administrative resources. 

Dental Temps Staffing Solutions provides all the services of a dental staffing agency and much, much more all across America and currently has a larger presence in Washington and Florida specifically – Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Olympia, Tumwater, Yelm, Orlando, northern and southern Florida.  

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