Considering becoming a dental assistant?

Have you thought about becoming a dental assistant?


Ever wondered what it takes? The need for dental assistants continues to grow year after year so now is the time to get into it!

Entry into Dentistry

Are you uncertain about being in the dental field? Well consider this! You can become an assistant in between four months and two years. No 4-year degree needed to dip your toes in before taking the plunge.  Continue reading “Considering becoming a dental assistant?”

Just Graduated? Ready to get to it?! 

Most new graduates come out in May or June and are hungry to sink their teeth into some of the work they have been studying for years! Graduates want to do meaningful work in a supportive work environment. They want to be well-compensated for the great jobs they are doing. 

Here are some quick tips on how to get a position you like and keep it!  Continue reading “Just Graduated? Ready to get to it?! “

Finding the Right Dental Office

Are you looking for a dental office where you feel like part of a family? One where you can grow with through the years?

Let’s face it… We all want to be part of a great working environment especially because we spend most of our time on the job. Few get lucky enough to find that on their first go around. It may take several bad choices to find that perfect, right choice; a dental office that you belong in. If you are a dental hygienist, dental assistant, floater, front desk worker, or dental lab technician, this article could save you a lot of time and grief.  Continue reading “Finding the Right Dental Office”