Make Yourself an Asset that Brings Value to the Office

It’s important to make sure that you are worth the pay rate or salary that you are asking for, otherwise, you won’t get that rate or raise. In order to make yourself worthy of what you ask for in pay, you must make yourself an asset. It’s important to understand that it is more than just showing up on time and doing your own work. It’s about bringing value to the office. Here are some tips to help make yourself an asset that brings value to the office. 

Work Ethic

Having a strong work ethic is important for success. It shows that you care about what you do and that you take it just as seriously as your boss. Forming these good habits is essential to impressing your employer.

Manage Your Time: Increase your productivity by using your time wisely. Some ways to help you manage your time include making a “to do” list and prioritizing it, planning ahead and don’t multitask (research shows you actually accomplish less when you try to multitask). 

Get Focused: Eliminate distractions and don’t procrastinate. Focus on the task at hand and be persistent. 

Follow Office Policies and Procedures: Be sure to follow all office policies and procedures. If you have an issue with something, bring it up with your boss in a respectful way that allows for dialogue. 

If You are On Time, You’re Late: Make sure to plan a little extra time into your morning commute just in case of traffic and arrive a few minutes early to work each day. This will ensure that you are ready to hit the ground running as soon as you’re on the clock.

Be a Team Player: Make sure that you are working as part of the team. Don’t complain when a task gets assigned to you or when you are asked to help with something. Go above and beyond by cross training so you can help others in the office when they need it or can fill in for someone when they are out sick or on vacation. Showing you are willing to take on more when needed means you will be an indispensable part of the team. And don’t forget to be kind to your co-workers!


Your attitude affects your work. Having a positive mindset will not only make the work you do better, but it will also increase your own personal job satisfaction. 

Don’t Gossip: Remember to not gossip about co-workers or patients. Not only does this waste time at work but it also creates cliques that can create bad attitudes, destroy trust and ruin teamwork. 

Show Enthusiasm: When you do your work with enthusiasm, you are more likely to do better work. Being passionate about what you do shows your employer you care. Not only that, but it is infectious and you’ll help your entire team be excited to come to work each day!

Be Kind and Courteous: Not only do you need to be kind and courteous to your co-workers, but show respect to your patients as well. Don’t make them feel like you are in a hurry. Instead, take time to answer their questions or concerns to show you care. This not only brings worth to your employer, but your clients as well. 

Professional Appearance

When you are at work, remember that you are representing your office or staffing company. Make sure you have a professional appearance and you’ll prove that you put the office’s reputation first. 

Personal Hygiene: It should go without saying, but make sure that you keep up with your personal hygiene. That means having clean teeth, breath and hair among other things. 

Neat Appearance: Have a clean and neat appearance and wear professional attire. Make sure your nails are clean and that your manicures are not over the top. Your hair should also be styled in a professional manner. 

The Nose Knows: Make sure that you don’t wear too much perfume or cologne. You don’t want to overwhelm co-workers and patients with sensitive noses. You also don’t want to smell like smoke, which can affect those with sensitive noses or asthma. And don’t forget to wear deodorant!