Top Interview Blunders To Watch For

Looking for a job? You’ll want to pay attention to this.

Hiring for a job? Watch for these warning signs in applicants.

Whether you’re hiring or looking for a job, you will want to watch for these signs in an interview. These are signals that the candidate is not meeting basic professional standards. Interviews are a time when people often want to put their best foot forward. If they aren’t doing that for you in an interview, do you think they’ll be much better when they are in everyday work situations? Here are the top six most common interview blunders that can be big turnoffs in the hiring process: 

Talking while chewing gum.  This can be a huge distraction and make you look less qualified for the position than you are. It has a juvenile connotation to it and can be extremely distracting for the hiring team. If you want fresh breath for the interview, opt for a mint instead of chewing gum so that you don’t forget to spit it out.

Dissing Previous Employers.  Talking down about past employers is a big no-no. It rarely paints you in a good light and makes the potential employer wonder what you’ll be saying about them if you ever move onto something else. It’s just something you want to avoid. 

Appearing Arrogant. Arrogance is a major turnoff because it signals to the hiring team that you aren’t teachable. They are going to be looking for someone who can grow, change, and support the team. Arrogant people are going to be harder to flex with a team of multiple people.

Appearing Disinterested. Do you really want this? That’s what a hiring team is going to be asking themselves if you appear disinterested during the interview. Don’t waste their time, or yours. Show interest and ask questions to show that you are interested in the role. 

Wearing the Wrong Attire. Dress professionally and dress the part for the industry. Showing you care about your appearance is one big signal to a future employer that you will care how you show up to the patients. First impressions matter, so make sure you aren’t underdressing or wearing inappropriate clothes for an interview.

Answering The Phone. While odd to think anyone would ever do this, 71% of hiring managers polled in a study said they’ve had people answer their phones during an interview. That’s not even including answering texts or other nonverbal notifications that come through your mobile device. Just turn your phone on silent and ignore it for the hour. Trust us, you’ll survive. 

If you’ve ever done any of these blunders, you aren’t alone. That doesn’t mean, though, that you need to have them happen again. If you’re going to take the time for an interview, make the best use of your time and put your best foot forward. Good impressions can be a big deal in helping you secure the job of your dreams, and they can help practice owners find the perfect candidate for their jobs.