Ways to Attract Top Talent for Your Dental Practice

What You Can Offer to Attract and Retain Great Employees 

Attracting and retaining top talent to your dental practice can have a huge impact on your practice’s performance and bottom line. Whether you are just starting out with your practice or you have been dealing with the ongoing challenge of worker turnover, these tips will help you attract and maintain that top caliber talent your business needs to succeed. 

Often, these top talent workers are discerning job seekers. They want their job to be rewarding but they also want to work for a company with a great brand. What does that mean? They want to work for a dental practice that offers great benefits packages plus an employee-friendly culture.

Offer Great Benefits

Be sure to offer classic job perks such as a 401K as well as medical, dental and life insurance. Do your research and make sure that what you offer is competitive with other practices to ensure that yours stands out among the crowd. Also, offer bonuses around the holidays or for hitting work milestones to show appreciation for your employees. 

Have a Work-Life Balance Policy

Offer other perks such as paid family leave and generous vacation time (more than the usual 2 weeks). It’s important to show that you understand that your employees have a life outside of work and that family is important. Go the extra mile by offering paid maternity and paternity leave, something not all companies offer and will make you stand out from other practices. 

Also consider offering schedule flexibility. Your employees who are parents will have much higher job satisfaction (which leads to higher employee retention) when they aren’t stressed about who is able to pick up their sick kid from school. And if possible, allow employees to work from home if needed. Give them tasks such as reorganizing filing or even digitizing your filing on days when they must stay home but can still get work done. 

Offer Training and Mentorship

Offering training through the front and back office staff. Not only will it ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them in their own jobs, but they will also gain valuable insight and experience into the operations of the business aspects of your practice. 

Also create opportunities for mentorships by allowing newer staff to work with and learn from senior members of your staff. This will allow them to expand their knowledge and capabilities, giving them personal satisfaction while also improving the service that your clinic offers. 

Consider other career building opportunities for your employees such as paying for them to go to a conference to learn about new technology, improve their job-related skills, or improve their leadership skills. Top tier talent are always looking for jobs that help them improve their own skill sets. 

Community Building

Build a sense of camaraderie and community among your current employees to prove that you have a friendly working environment. Not only will this attract top tier talent, but it will also help you retain that talent. Do things like catering the occasional lunch or doing things out in the community such as volunteer work. 

Have Open Communication

Good communication with your employees is key to running a great business. Always have an open line of communication with your employees. Talk to them about the office culture and ask for their input on how to improve the practice and the office culture and implement the changes you think would be helpful. This shows that you value their opinions and that they are an integral part of how well the practice works.